Adventures of Jasper Woodbury

Adventures of Jasper Woodbury, Algebra

Available Episodes:

  • Working Smart
    Students use data from the story to create tables and graphs to help them answer questions involving car rental costs, fuel costs, rates and times of travel and overtaking someone on a trip who has a head start. Students then prepare to answer questions from their teacher and simulate the game show conditions of the adventure.
  • Kim's Komet
    Students need to examine rate data involving distance and time and find a common rate in order to compare the performance of different cars. Students also need to determine the average speeds for Kim's car when it is started at different heights on the ramp. Finally students must decide what information they need to determine average speeds and how they might get the information.

  • The General is Missing
    Students collect data from the adventure and interpret the algebraic messages sent by Grandpa in order to locate the kidnappers' hiding place on a map. Students must create SMART Tools to measure the speed of sound, compare various rates of travel, show the relationship between a circle's circumference and its diameter, and determine the height of a hill by the horizontal distance traveled and the rate of the hill's incline.

For detailed information about this and other Adventures of Jasper Woodbury episodes, please refer to this Excel spreadsheet.

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