Adventures of Jasper Woodbury

Adventures of Jasper Woodbury, Complex Trip Planning

Available Episodes:

  • Journey to Cedar Creek
    Students are challenged to help Jasper determine if he can make it home before sunset without running out of fuel. With 1 route, 1 mode of transportation, 1 speed, 1 fuel consideration, 1 driver and budget, Journey to Cedar Creek is the least complex of the Jasper trip planning problems. The major subproblems in this adventure involve travel time and fuel, and money also becomes an issue when students realize Jasper will need to purchase more fuel. As with each episode, students must generate the subproblems, identify relevant data and carry out the calculations to solve this approximately 15 step problem.
  • Rescue at Boone's Meadow
    Students are challenged to deal with the numerous alternatives that Emily must consider in helping Jasper get the injured eagle to the veterinarian. The major subproblems involve travel time, fuel, payload and landing area. With several routes, 2 modes of transportation, 2 speeds, 1 fuel consideration, payload, landing area and 2 drivers "Rescue at Boone's Meadow" has several feasible solutions. Students must provide evidence that their plan will work and be prepared to justify any assumptions they make.

  • Get Out the Vote
    Students must prepare plans to drive as many voters as possible to the polls on election day. Get Out the Vote involves multiple objectives, multiple routes, 2 modes of transportation, 4 speeds, 2 fuel considerations, multiple time constraints, and budget constraints. While the calculations are no harder than in other episodes, the abundance of data and multiple objectives invites students to prioritize goals, identify strategies, organize data and develop algebraic shortcuts. There are many feasible solutions.

For detailed information about this and other Adventures of Jasper Woodbury episodes, please refer to this Excel spreadsheet.

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