Adventures of Jasper Woodbury

Adventures of Jasper Woodbury, Geometry

Available Episodes:

  • Blueprint for Success
    The Challenge is for students to help Christina and Marcus design a playground and ball field for a vacant lot. Blueprint for Success involves basic linear measurement, understanding and creating scale representations, and opportunities to explore the relationships among linear, area and volume measurement.
  • The Right Angle
    As they watch The Right Angle, students learn about topographic maps, as well as about important concepts of geometry (e.g., isosceles right triangles) and their usefulness for measurement. Students also learn to use bearing guides and concepts of similar triangles. Incorporating real-world map reading skills with angle and linear measurement, this is a challenging episode for math and social studies.

  • The Great Circle Race
    To solve The Great Circle Race students need to interpret a topographic map, correctly draw the legal race area on the map, interpret data about the speed of various non-motorized vehicles, and use compass clues to determine racers' starting locations and routes. Building on skills introduced in The Right Angle, this episode involves angle and linear measurement, use of bearing guides and topographic map reading. In addition students learn about triangulation and circle measurement. Many teachers report more success with this adventure after students have some knowledge of basic angle measurement.

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